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Essential mobile home maintenance: Keep Your house on wheels in tip-top shape

Mobile homes provide a housing alternative that is unique, affordable, and suitable for many families. Regular maintenance will ensure that your mobile home is comfortable, safe and lasts a long time, regardless of whether you are using it to vacation or as an annual residence. Here we’ll explore some of the important tasks mobile homeowners should do to mobile homes maintenance.

Regular Inspections: The basis of any mobile home’s maintenance is regular inspections. You should inspect your mobile at least one time a year. Be sure to pay attention the roof and walls as well as windows, doors and underside. Be on the lookout for leaks, structural damages, and cracks. Identifying problems and taking action early on can reduce the cost of future repairs.

Roof Maintenance. A roof is a critical component of any mobile home. Examine it to look for signs of water damage, missing or damaged shingles or flashing. Cleaning the gutters will prevent clogs, and allow for proper drainage. To extend the life of your roof, and to increase its resistance against the elements, consider applying a protection coating.

Plumbing and Electrical systems: Inspect your mobile’s electrical and plumbing system for any leaks. Also, check the wiring and fixtures to make sure they are not malfunctioning. Examine pipes, taps, and drainage systems for any signs of corrosion or leaks. To ensure that all appliances, electrical switches, and outlets are working correctly, test them. Contact a professional as soon as you discover any problem.

Heating and Cooling System: A comfortable temperature within your mobile is crucial. To ensure airflow efficiency and to avoid dust accumulation, clean or change air filters on a regular basis. You should inspect your heating and cooling units for any damage or problems. If you want to make sure that your HVAC system runs smoothly, schedule professional maintenance.

Keep your exterior clean to maintain its protection from weather elements. Use water and mild soap to wash the exterior siding and walls, and eliminate any mildew. If necessary, replace the seals that surround windows and exterior doors. Trim shrubs and trees near your home so that they don’t cause damage to the house from branches falling or too much moisture.

Examine the interior of your mobile homes for wear and tear, signs of water damage or loose tiles. Carpets should be cleaned regularly, and you may want to consider professional deep cleansing periodically. Look for signs of insects and rodents. Be on the lookout for mold or mildew, and act quickly to keep your indoor space healthy.