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Artificial intelligence will change the world in 5 ways.

Artificial intelligence refers to machines’ ability to understand data, act intelligently and take decisions. This is similar to what a person does. You can see Iblog for more information.

It’s likely that you have heard a great deal about AI over the past few years. Especially how AI will either save or destroy civilization. AI does attract a great deal of hype. Let’s say colorful predictions. AI’s hype, however, is largely justified. AI is indeed a technology which will transform our lives.

Not quite convinced? Why I’m convinced that Artificial Intelligence is about to revolutionize our world by 2020.

1. Everywhere, AI has taken over.

Amazon may have recommended a particular product or you might have browsed dating apps to find potential partners. You most certainly have. Most people have likely done at least one or several of these in the recent past. It’s likely that you did it in the last day.

AI and data underpin all of these commonplace processes. AI allows the credit card company, in an instant, to confirm that your most recent purchase is legitimate and matches your previous spending. Mastercard, as an example, utilizes AI algorithms to determine the validity of 75 billion transactions per year on their network. AI is now a major part of our daily lives, and will continue to be.

2. AI is not only affecting our daily lives, but it’s also going to change industries.

AI already has a profound impact on a number of sectors, from farming to manufacturing. AI helps identify disease (and in some cases even predict it) and help healthcare professionals and their patients to make better decisions about treatment and lifestyle.

AI systems may even be able to outperform radiologists when it comes detecting disease. A clinical trial of AI software created by Google Health, conducted in January of 2020, confirmed the AI’s superiority in detecting mammogram signs that indicate breast cancer. The system reported less false-positive results than did the experts.

3. We will become more humane, not less.

Automated production is on the rise in many industries. As machines grow more intelligent they are able to perform more and more functions. The rise of automation is raising valid questions regarding the future of human employment. There’s no doubt about the fact that automation is going to lead to a loss of jobs. However, it also has the potential for creating new ones that are based on our human characteristics like creativity and empathy.

AI is also going to improve our daily lives. AI is revolutionizing the journalism industry. AI tools help writers identify stories. Forbes for example uses Bertie, an AI driven content management tool, to help identify trending topics in real time, provide headline improvements, and to select images that are relevant. As a result, human journalists can focus more on their stories and less time is spent behind-the scenes.

4. AI will become affordable for all.

A large data scientist team and expensive technologies were required to get started with AI. It’s not the same anymore. AI services are now available to businesses in all sizes as part of a subscription service model, similar to other tech solutions.

Amazon has launched Personalize, an AI service in 2019. It helps companies provide personalized customer suggestions and search results. Amazon states that AI isn’t required for training or deployment.

5. AI fuels the next technology trend

Final evidence: AI forms the base of other technologies.