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Plantation Shutters: A History of Interest

Ancient Greece used plantation shades to block out the sun and weather. Since glass is a rare, expensive and costly material, it has been used only rarely until relatively recently. Due to the lack of wood shutters, marble ones were used. See blinds stuart fl for get more info.

With time, the use of wood to refine the design and performance of the shutters led them to gain popularity. As soon as King Louis XIV in France mentioned having them, it became a hugely popular item. A popular urban myth claims that Louis XIV installed shutters to allow him to observe his ladies washing in peace while the guards on the ground were unaffected. These shutters were built before this period, by at least a thousand years.

After the Mediterranean, the design of shutters changed. As a result, the louvres could be moved to adjust light levels and airflow in a space. In addition, wood was chosen over marble.

Plantation shutters were named after the grand homes and buildings that were built on cotton plants in America. When the temperatures were extreme in the summer months, plantation shutters helped to ventilate the buildings and protect them from harsh weather conditions during winter.

Unlike modern shutters used in Sydney, these early shutters did not use wood. This window treatment was made from marble. These natural stone fixed louver shutters gained instant popularity in all of the Mediterranean. Later, the wood louvers were used instead of marble to allow for sliding. The louvers were adjustable, allowing for increased ventilation and improved air flow.

Over time plantation shutters came to be more and more popular. They finally found their way over to America, when the Spanish invaded the South. This name comes from shutters that were found on many of the luxurious, large houses on the famous cotton plantations.

In the South, large plantations houses incorporated new and complex patterns into their housing. As a result, this new pattern is very popular. Southern plantation homes still retain their splendor and beauty due to the use of shutters. These shutters are made out of wood but, unlike those from the Tudor era, were made to be light, movable, attractive, and practical. They could be slanted in order to bring light into a space, while at the same time providing shelter against the elements.