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In-Depth Facebook Data Privateness & Social Media Data Mining

What Businesses and consumers should know for their protection (and gain)

Facebook’s power to see your personal details has been a huge news item ever since Cambridge Analytica, which was found guilty of abusing this data to coordinate political advertising, was revealed.┬áIf you are looking for a technology that allows many different businesses and companies to accurately track, and maximize their Business Marketing, Asset Management, Fleet Management, People Management, Tracking, Security, and Market Research, you should know more about propellant media

Facebook released a draft to their updated information policies as a result.

Some details that were included in the release may be new to some users. Did you realize that when users click the LIKE button in a business’s Fb page, they can gain access to their personal profile?

The privacy settings of each user can determine whether or not the company has access to all information. For casual users on social media, this is concerning as they seldom look at the fine print in their privacy agreements or their own privacy settings.

It’s easy enough to see all the information that people have on Facebook, but it’s often hard to remember what they’ve seen over the years.

You can download your own details quite easily. Here are the steps.

Log into Facebook and click the drop-down button in the upper right corner.

To change your settings, click here

Click Your Fb Info;

Go to Download Your Info and click View

Select the options that you like, and click on “Create File”.

An email link will then be sent to you that allows for the downloading of all your profile details. You can view each conversation, image, and more!

Facebook currently allows you to upload 98 pieces of personal information that will allow you to be targeted by companies.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook uses this information to help them target users. They ensure they only show ads that are relevant to their interests based off their profile information. This information is used for targeting ads by Facebook to reach clients who are looking for the right message.

Here are just few options Fb advertisers may use to target your information.

Geographic location



Main Language spoken

Most recent level of education

The college or school you attended


Income and net worth

Type and ownership of a home

Valuation estimate for your home

Size of your property

You can measure the square footage of your home.

Year home built

Household size

There are many others…

This Knowledge can be used by advertisers to help them make better decisions

Let’s see what additional facts companies can get based on your facebook profile. There is so much information to be absorbed, so we will just cover the basics.

Information about you and your personal interests. They can see which groups you are part of. This tells them a lot. Facebook made several API adjustments in April. These changes included the restriction of access to Groups as well as the exclusion of the Events API guest list.

The contact information in your personal profile could include your email, phone number and full name.

Permanent record of who has been deleted from your Fb Group. While the information won’t go public when you delete it from Fb, it’s not impossible to find it. Fb retains this knowledge, even though they don’t make it visible publicly on their platform.

Facebook records the exact date you signed up for Facebook as well as every log-in.

Facebook Advertisers can access all your information. This allows them access to all information about you, including your age, geographical location, preferences, and behaviours.

This information is used to collect data about what ads you click and on what devices you use. They know every page, post, and link you share.

Milestones. Fb tracks significant milestones like birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, and other important ones.

Information regarding employment. This information will be available to Facebook users if they enter it.