Preparing For New Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

It’s very exciting to get a puppy and to be allowed to bring it home.

Many people don’t realize how difficult this process can be. It is essential to plan for your Yorkshire Terrier puppy’s birth to avoid any frustrations or damaged items. If you are looking for an amazing puppy with a ver Ified breeder you can look it up on Havanese聽Puppies for sale

Spending some time to puppy-proof your home, and to properly introduce the puppy into your home, will set the tone of your relationship with the puppy.

While there are many things you should consider, having the correct supplies is one of the most important aspects of bringing Yorkshire Terrier puppies home. Apart from the supplies, you will need the right attitude, space designed for the puppy to rest in, and a schedule for exercise and feeding.

You will need to know the basics of your training methods for the puppy. Also, how you were going about starting this process.

Yorkie breeders often can help you find all the information you need.


It is crucial to have everything you need in order to make your Yorkshire terrier puppy feel at ease before you bring her home. If possible, get in touch with the Yorkie breeder. The essential supplies include:

A good book on Yorkie puppies, health, care, and training methods. Your breeder may recommend a book or author. If your puppy has started training, ensure it continues with the existing commands.

A wire or plastic dog carrier that is the right size for the Yorkshire Terrier puppy you’ve purchased. A teacup Yorkie of smaller size will require a smaller box than a Yorkie of larger size. AKC teacup Yorkies are not a recognized breed.

Bedding material of high quality for the crate. It is vital that the bedding material is washable. There will be occasions when it will need cleaning.

A special collar designed for puppies that is made from soft fabric or woven. The collar should be fastened by a buckle. You should be capable of inserting two fingers between the collar’s collar and the puppy’s neck.

If you are unable to do so, the collar might be too small. You will also need a lead to walk Yorkshire Terrier puppies. To make it easier to walk the dog, many people use retractable leads.

A caller can have an identification tag. A Yorkshire Terrier puppy might have had its identification tattooed or micro-chipped when it was bought from a breeder. This is an excellent way to identify the dog. But it is still important to have an easily-read tag in case the puppy goes missing or wanders away. Make sure to put your phone number and name on the tag.

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