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We ship Internationally! Shipping is done via airlines. It depends on which airline we have to use that is most convenient to you and the destination airport. We ship weekly from Indianapolis or Chicago O'Hare' airport which covers very good connections throughout the United States and abroad. Smaller animals range from about $120 to $170 per crate. We can typically ship multiple animals of the same species in one crate and the shipping will remain the same. We will advise you prior to processing your order what the actual shipping rates will be. All shipping rates include a re-usable kennel and the cost of a Veterinarian issued Health Certificate.

We will ship your animals when you are ready to receive them. We do, however, ask that you have all your equipment, feed and setup before we ship. This ensures us that they will have adequate housing upon arrival. Prior to shipping, we will e-mail you with your airway bill number and flight confirmation. We usually do this a day or two before shipping in order to receive a reply from you indicating you have the flight information and are available to receive your animals. In the case of International shipments additional paper work is involved and extra costs and time will be necessary. If we do not have confirmation that your aware of the ship dates, we will not ship. It is important to us that everything be coordinated well for the safety of the animals and your convenience. Special shipping or handling requirements will be quoted as required.

We ship our baskets and other dry goods via airborne express or United Parcel Service. Currently we are offering free shipping for orders over $25.00 does not include applicable taxes and other charges.


We offer a 48-hour guarantee on all animals. This gives you sufficient time to take them to your veterinarian. We guarantee that the animals we sell are in good health and free from congenital problems. If you ever have a problem, RATKATEER RODENTRY will replace the animal or refund the purchase price at our discretion. This guarantee does not include accidents, negligence, stress, improper diet, or any treatable communicable illnesses. If you believe you have received an animal with a congenital defect, we must ask that you provide us with a veterinarian affidavit of how the animal died and what caused the illness. For us to be able to honor our guarantee, you must take the animal to your local vet for a check up within the first 3 days you have the animal. We urge that you do this in any event for the good of the animal. We also reserve the right to have our vet correspond with the diagnosing veterinarian prior to honoring the guarantee. We take great pride in the health and temperament of our animals.

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