Short Tailed Opossums

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Short tailed opossums are very clean. After each feeding they clean and groom themselves thoroghly from head to toe. In their cage, they will choose one place to potty. You can easily train your opossum to use a litter box. Just place a small container in the area, and fill it with clay litter or shavings and clean it often.

Short tailed opossums make wonderful pets. They like to cuddle in your neck and stay in your pocket. They will wrap their tails around your fingers and sit and wash their faces. They are so cute!


The short tailed opossum will gnaw much like a rodent. You can provide them wood cages, plastic cages and even a Rubbermaid storage box. I have found a 10 gal aquarium works best. Opossums are escape artists therefore you should have a lid securely locked. Other items you can include in housing are next box for sleeping; you can also use a plastic flowerpot place on its side for a nest box. Fresh water is very important. Short tailed opossums can die from dehydration in a short amount of time.

Health & Other Issues

Short tailed opossums are solitary animals and should be kept separately. Babies can be kept together for 7 or 10 weeks of age.

Short tailed opossums have few health problems. As with any exotic is it recommended you find a good exotic vet before an emergency should occur.

We don't suggest short tailed opossums for a pet for children under the age of 8 years of age. They are clean, easy to feed and entertaining, but like all animals that have sharp teeth, children should be supervised while handling them.

Breeding /Feeding

Breeding short tailed opossums is fairly easy. You put the female with the male, not visa versa for 10 to 14 days. After which you take the male out. Otherwise the female may kill the male. After about 10 days you will notice worm like embryos immerge. From the time they immerge to 8 weeks they can be weaned we suggest a diet (listed below) I've created for my sugar gliders; kitten's milk and fresh fruits, mealworms and crickets. When they can catch a cricket on their own, they are ready to be weaned.

The recipe I use is as follows:
½ cup baby cereal
¼ cup wheat germ
1 boiled egg with shell off
½ cup honey
½ cup apple juice
small amounts of fruit cut up
IMS cat food as supplement
occassionally pinkie mice
mealworms and crickets are very important. They provide protein, and a water source.

I usually make a big batch (10 times the amount) and freeze the rest in ice cube trays.

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