Founded in 1995 by Ike and Melonie Buchanan; the
Ratkateers Rodentry is a dream come true; having always
had a love for animals. Between us, we have raised
everything from Greyhounds to ground squirrels. We have a combined experience of over 35 years.

We are a USDA licensed breeder of rodents, exotic rodents and small
marsupials. We sell to brokers, wholesalers and individuals.

Special care and attention goes into raising and caring of all our
animals. Live arrival is guaranteed and health is also guaranteed for 48
hours. We ship by airlines only.

Exotic pets aren't for everyone. Our goal is to educate people about
exotic critters in captivity. To help them learn what animals need to be
physically and mentally healthy and to help people decide which pet is
best for them.

The Ratkateers Rodentry is committed to providing our customers with the
best quality pet. The health and happiness comes first. After sales, support is
always a priority. We are always happy to answer questions and offer advice.

We are a proud member of AFRMA and RMFE. We are always interested in
being members of reputable rodent organizations. Education about our favorite pets is very important to us. You can find links to these fantastic organizations on the links page.

Feel free to contact us about any of our animals; we love to meet people that
share the same interests.

For more information please contact us at Ratkateersrodentry

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