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Gerbils are diurnal, active and friendly. They are approximately 4 inches in body length with a 4 inch furry tail. They make excellent pets that can be tamed easily. Gerbils are social and need to live in pairs. I have read that females kept can be kept in pairs, males should be kept in groups of two or more or single breeding pairs. Never try to introduce a new gerbil to an established pair or group. Females seperated more than 24 hours should be considered strangers as they are unlikely to remember each other.


Gerbils can be kept in an aquarium. I recommend using Aspen bedding because it clumps together making it easy for the gerbil to burrow in it. Use about 3" to 4" of bedding and put a 3" pipe (pvc or clay) in it so they can burrow. I also recommend a nesting box, a wodent wheel and other toys to keep your gerbil physically healthy.

I use a rodent mix I mix myself. I have found that to keep your gerbil healthy it is best to use a variety of foods. If you must buy your feed from a pet store or feed store, choose one that is especially made for gerbils. I recommend "Geri Gerbil." You may also give your gerbil a little extra bits of fruits and vegetables each day. You can even give them a little table scraps. Sunflower seeds and peanuts make a great occasional treats.

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